Organya camping

Is this the best place to camp in Organya ( They have rates posted from 2016, not sure of their current costs.
Travelling from USA, would it be best to buy some camping gear in Spain? Just looking for more info on how people travel and camp here in the Summer.

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Been there several times! We just rent an AirBNB in town. We have camped before as well. Just depends what you are looking for! Sometimes you can find people who are staying there for 1-2 months and they rent a house and sometimes you can get a room for cheap for the week or 2!

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Where do you find apartments online? I can't seem to find anything but hotels.

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The camping is good. Its hot camping. I took camping gear but a friend brought some from a camping store.
Organya is a small town there, i dont no if there is a camping store there.
When i was there, there was lots of other pilots also so that was good. If your there for more than a couple weeks you could try find other people to share an apartment and it will be cheaper