Learning Acro in Japan

Hey guys, greetings from Kyoto! I am Tony, a French expatriate in Japan.

I started paragliding about 5 years ago, and paramotoring 1 year ago. Couple of years ago, I had a plan to head to Europe to learn Acro in Annecy. But sadly, I have not been able to get there because of the on-going COVID crisis.

There used to be a place in lake Biwa for SIV training, but that stopped about 3-4 years ago... I am wondering if anyone may have heard of Acro pilots living in Japan? I am keen to meet people who might see me through the first baby steps...

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Salut, Try contacting Seiko, she lives in Plan Fait, but is the legendary 15m2 Morpheus acro queen in the beginning of the movement, she's from Japan!