Organya in September


I was wondering if anyone has any tips if Organya is still working and could be a good destination for the next 2-3 weeks (mid-september), or if it´s already too late this year.

In the second case does anyone have any tips for locations that allow plenty of airtime and height over ground in September?

Happy landings...

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You could also try Olüdeniz or Algodonales, Olü is perfect, not sure Algo sites give a good altitude and safe box but I think yes.

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Hi mate, well, I came back to Organya 3 weeks ago and it doesn't fly that much anymore, although there was some good sessions. The past 2 weeks we had a mix between 100% cloud cover, rain, and some flying windows, for examples the past 3 days: day 1 sunny with rain at mid day => X, day 2 working but light => xc acro ;) , day 3 working strong but big congestus with black cloudbase a bit all around and heavy rain curtain coming from Col de Nargo, south, in an hour time, at 6pm : was a good 2-3h for some pilots.

Today is half cloudy again, not sure it will work. And the forecast are not on our side if you have a look :/ So being elsewhere I wouldn't come I think. But someone having a fairly loaded acro wing, and being here can enjoy any small window on sunny days, and 1h for 3-4 runs flying in Organya is definitly worth, more than many other places closeby atm. So there are still a few pilots here, out of the locals, and the sun is still powerful enough to lift well a few hours... on a very good day.