training in "hot winter"

Hello to everybody.....

just a simple and old question...... where to go around world ....for a basic acro training in december /january...

Hot and cheap place...(not pokhara is cold)....and if iis possible over water .May be there are some place in india.....or asia......or central/south america ?? What about this place

And ....olu deniz still working in winter??

Thanks a loto for answer

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thanks again for all your answer......I will plan my winter holiday very soon. have nice time and flights!!

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Hi flugfranz, I live in Ecuador and, I fly in Yahaurcocha Lake, the best time to fly is in winter between octuber and may. This place is the best to SIV courses in this part of Latin America. Also in this country exist others wonderfull places where you can fly paragliding.

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Hi Jorjoluiso,
Have you been flying at this place in Ecuador already? Can you tell about personal experience?
Appreciate your feedback.

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Hi guys,
I am wondering the same. Where to best go for training with some good height during December / January?

How about Canary Islands, Costa Rica, Guatemala...? And any news about the new takeoff in öludeniz mentioned in previous comment?

Thanks for your recommendations and sharing experiences!


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thanks you guys

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In Oludeniz, people work for new Take off. It will be 1200 meters and they planing 12 months flying season :) Cannot wait :)

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Forget Oludeniz from November until end of April. It is cold and you dont have good weather.
My favorite months in Oludeniz are May and October. The last week of october is often rainy though.