Airg-Emilie Smile 18m

Hi everybody I would buy an Emilie Smile 18m but I'm really undecided.
-What do you think about it?
-It's a good glider to start or it's aggressive? (I am 80 kg in flight and I fly"acro" with an octane 2 20m)
-Would you buy or will buy this glider?
-What about the trim?
Thank you to everybody who respond.

Hola a todos. Quiero comprar un Emilie Smile 18m pero estoy bastante indeciso.
-Que pensais de ese parapente?
-Es bueno para empezar o es agresivo?(en vuelo peso 80 kg y vuelo "acro" con un Octante 2 20m)
-Cromprarias o compraras ese parapente?
-Y por los trim que?
Gracias a todos los que contestaran

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u turn blackout how to compare

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Hi Nico!

I'm selling my Emilie Smile 18. Are you interested in buying? You can add me on Facebook (Signe Lillienskjold Knudsen) and I will answer some of the questions you have. I may not necessarily think the Smile 18 is the best option for you but let's see.


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Why would you take the 18m2 and not the 20m2?
I will order the 20m2 this week

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-predictable energy
-same trim as the peace!
-the "safest/easiest" acrowing on the market