Trimming - interpretation of measuring values

Hello everybody,

i build my one line-measuring-device and I´m quit happy with the repeatability of the measuring-system. If i measure one Line four times i got the same or +/-1mm results. (Slidingplate with 5kg and laser)
I checked my Emilie 18m yesterday and got very strange results.
The A´s have loops: One A1/A2s - Ankerstich and A3s have singleloops, so it´s ok, that the Aa are a little shorter.
But the strange thing is, that the C and Ds are way to long, not to short.

A_ -6,25___-4,25___-4,25__-15,5__-11____-12,5

Any ideas?
To much helicos? :D
I fly many misty/heli/sat connections and no rhythmic or tumblings. But still strange or not?

Thanks in advance!

i have an excelfile with graphics attached, in case someone is interested in detailed analyses ;-)

First table it´s the Length from AirG´s homepage.
Second table my raw-measuring data.
Third is the Delta from my measuring results, the AirG data and a fix value for the riser-length.
I guess everybody who knows excel can understand...

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That's interesting, I have build an excel file to controy my glider but this one is really cool with the graphic. But i'm not sur to get it properly

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Any reason you can't put in a loop to shorten them?