Ozone Octane2 or other Wing ??

Hi Guys,
I got a question and i hope you can help me!?
I really want to get into Freestyle/Acro flying! I think i want to start with a Ozone Octane2..what do you think about the Octane? Is it a good Wing to start freestyle?
And which Size would you reccomend? I'm 85Kg naked without Harness! 22m or 25m?

Cheers Patrick

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yes the Octane is a good wing go with a 22 or 20 not a 25

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Hey Patrick, how do you like the Octane2? I am doing acro on my Rush4 also (and fly a delta 3 for XC) but I am also looking at the Octane for a designated Acro glider. I fly ML rush 4 and am thinking of the 25 M Octane2 because it's my first acro wing. I'm also curious what harness set up you guys recommend. I've been doing my acro in my pod harness because I was all into XC unti I started doing SAT's and now I just want to do loops and SAT's all the way down, and I don't really like my other harness now. I live in Souther California where we get strong thermals and can easily climb on a 22 or 20 m, but I wonder if that's too big of a jump for me from the Rush4 and Delta3 (my XC wings). I'm curious what your experience has been. I am also 85kg without my kit, and so sounds like you are probably bout the same as me in terms of physical size and experience, let me know what you think of it. If you like it or if you wish you got a different size. Right now, I am thinking the 25, but would love some feedback.

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Hi Jai I am Jimbo and I have the same question, I was 132 kg PIF, I personally weight 117kg and now I am 95kg and hope to loose a bit more. I wanted the new Kooky from sky as it is a 26m but their still dont have the certification so I order an octane2 25m. I want to go to a 3 reserve system with cutaway as I am planning to train all the way to infinity tumble if I can handle it. but I am staying with my current harness as I want to keep my weight down until I get to rid of the fat I still need to loose.

I am flying a rush 4 and I have done 3 SIV. I have my little set that i control pretty well, wing overs, sat, 360, dynamic stall,( https://youtu.be/O5RH-f5C7pw ). the rush is not so good with spins so can't really do heli, mac twist or misty so that is why I think I am ready for the Octane. I am a bit worry about my weight so I am going to Oludeniz to learn my new Octane but now it looks like it wont be delivered on time, grrrrr... I was planning to do another SIV and maybe a n accro stage if I could find an instructor when I get there tonight.

If you think I am on the right path and know of anyone in Oludeniz who could help me progress, please le me know. Also I am looking at travelling Central America from November until March and would appreciate place and people who could help with my training if you have any suggestion???

I am also looking for a paramotor accro instructor if you know of any??? I started paramotor before paragliding...

Thanks to you and anyone who can help me with this and hope flip around you soooooooon!!!!

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Hi Patrick, all up weight with every peice of equiptment including glider is important to work out wing loading. It would also depend on your previous gliders and experience before anyone would suggest going near a Freestyle or Acro wing. Pilots who don't say all up weight - make me suspicious to think they might not be trained pilots. But roughly calculated at 105kg you'd be best on a 25m or a little more to start with.
If your just starting out in Acro the I would look at EnA or EnB U-turn Infinity. Due to what SIV / Acro instructor Lee experience has been with U-turn wings right up to Acro wings being the safest and forgiving mistakes.