Accro training Central america and on Paramotor

Hi guys Jimbo here, I am just new guy in this world of accro with 3 SIV and a little bit of accro training( wing overs, sat, 360, dynamic stall. I have just bought an Octane 2 and I am in Oludeniz for almost 3 weeks 9Oct to 26 Oct 2017) and I am looking for someone to help me progress the right way... lets say that my instructors in the pass have not all been the best which as a average pilot is ok but now I think I really need someone who really knows Accro.

I am also going to travel from Canada all the way to Panama and back from November to March so I would appreciate is anyone know the best place and peoples to help me progress in those part of the world.

I am also a paramotor pilot and I am looking for a Paramotor accro instructor to help me start accro on the motor, all your advise would be greatly appreciated.

thanks all and I am looking forward to flip around you soooooon!!!!

ps here is a little video of my training last year in Oludeniz to see where I am at with this great sport... and feel free to criticize, but please be gentle... lol