ACRO reading out there? Good ACRO related books?

Hi Guys,

I am curating all the paragliding books and DVD's etc on my site Basically I am gathering anything relevant to freeflight in one place and I would like to make sure I am listing good books and DVD's related to ACRO.

Anyone have any suggestions on good books that are specifically focused toward ACRO I would be very grateful.

Thanks for your time guys.

Fly safe,


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The aerobatic book by Xandi is good but maybe a bit outdated.
Any article you can find on the maneuvers section of JustAcro can be good as well.
There is also tutorials by Theo de Blic on Youtube.

All this material can be useful, but personally I don'T think any of it is complete and or very exhaustive on their own. If anybody wants to start acro only by reading and watching videos, I suggest to get as many data as possible from different sources. that's what I did when I started (back then there was really nothing to learn on the web). The best thing is always to have a great pilot coaching you(on the web from social media or in live), like I had to opportunity to have.