Fly without ACL???..

Hi everyone! I like to know if somebody had an injury in your knee and how feel it now. I wanna mean: 2 months ago I had an accident when I was training the landing speed and I've break meniscus and ACL (cruciate ligament) So, One months ago the doctor surgical procedure about my meniscous and not my ACL, becouse he said I'm not a young man and I'm not a profecional sportive and the recovery of ACL reconstruction is very long and not easy (if you be not a profesional sportive) So now I 'm feel better and my leg is recovery all moviment but still can't run or put many weight and absolutly don't try to take off fly, But above all I feel my leg very unestable (that's obviously..I'am without ligament!). So my big fear is can't return to fly like before above all playing with the ground handlig or make some spin landing. So, I like to know if there is somebody he's been through some situation like me or do training without ACL. Thank you all!

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Take it easy and don't rush things - the knee is a sensible thing, make sure it is robust before attempting spin landings, it's easy to destroy it totally.

I ripped my ligaments at freestyle skiing, so I was not paragliding at that time at all. I stopped skiing and started paragliding because it was way better for my half-damaged knee ;)

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Thank you so much for sharing your experience, knowing that you have been able to practice all sports without ACL and PCL is comfortable for me right now. I do not understand when you said: I practice all the spor but "not flying back then", what do you mean with that?.
I think so will have your same recovery way because my doctor don't wanna make a ACL surgery because he saw in my MRI (and then when he was work on my meniscous) I have a realy thin cartilage and this is the reason why now I'm not have my ACL fixed. So, he wanna wait a time (maybe 1 year??) and check my situation for undertand if the ACL surgery is necessary or not. So, now I must fly (and above all ) training whit ground handling without a ACL. My big fear is I'll can't more do a spin elicos landing o r some like this. Now I'm use a tutor but i'm not feel safe the same...mabye I must try and just hope everything's fine.!
Anyway man, thank you so much for your tip!

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5 years ago I spent a summer without ACL and PCL (and meniscus + colleteral ligament were injured as well), I was able to play volleyball and soccer without both of them (not flying back then). I now have ACL reconstruction and no PCL at all (not reconstructable), and still can walk, run and jump, playing a lot of volleyball. Especially in flying I never experienced any restrictions, I do Hike&Fly, XC, VolBiv and basic acro, so toplanding, hard landings etc. never was a problem ;) 1 month is not enough time to cure this, the meniscus alone takes usually 2-3 months to get better - also try to do physio, helps a lot!