Practicing Full stall

I don't see much written about this, but how important is it to do a full stall into the Wind? It seems obvious for the purposes of better inflation to perform a full stall or stabilized full stall into the wind.... but is it absolutely necessary, or is it just a preferred method or do you think I could have similar results and even a successful tail slide even though I am pointing downwind?

Flying a 22M FS3 with Paramotor (motor turned off)

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Your wing always sees the relative wind, so it doesn´t matter.

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The direction of the wind doesn't change a full stall (or recovery) at all. Your wing and your body go with the wind so compared to your wing/body, there is no wind
The only reason to care about wind direction when doing a full stall is make sure you crash into a friendly spot when you need to throw reserve