Ozone rush vs. Gradient Freestyle 3?

Ozone Rush VS Gradient Freestyle 3

Anyone have a comment or preference based on experience?

Glider capability and handling..... Maneuver vs maneuver... glider vs. glider

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Amazing reply! Thanks so much for the info Jarek, sounds like FS3 is too much glider for me right now.

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Trevor, Freestyle 3 is more advanced glider then Octane 2. FS3 is a lot faster and have more dynamic canopy then Octane 2. I had does two gliders. FS3 also flies better in weak thermals then Octane 2. FS3 is more freestyle XC/ACRO wing but the pilot need to have better skills, its more demanding glider and less forgiving then Octane 2. Octane 2 is a school glider for total acro beginners.

Gradient released now the XSTYLE, and I also had a chance to test this glider. In my opinion its better then Octane 2 and have really big safety level with soft direct handling. If you want to learn basics I would go for XSTYLE and later maybe for FS3. In the end I would look for acro gliders like e.g. Emillie, Nikita, Blackout...



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Capable i'm sure but is it a handful or is it comparable to say an octane flx/2 ?

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The FS3 is a very capable wing.

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Is the freestyle 3 suitable for an experienced EN C XC pilot to start basic acro - lots of stalls, wingovers, sat, heli then misty flip?

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Truck versus Ferrari, which one is better?
Depends on what you want to do with it, what your experience is, ...