different brake line length

I recently did some stall to back fly on my freestyle3. I was having trouble with it spinning in backfly. I can back fly my B wing no issues.
I measured the brakes and the left is 2cm shorter Tha the right. I cant remember which way it was spinning.
Do you think the difference would effect me?
Or is it a combination of a more sensitive wing and less experience?
First 2 back flys were perfect now I having trouble

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Check also the trimmers position. That was a problem in my case some time ago. Regards.

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Thanks, I did one stall 6 months ago no issues. Then 3 the other day. First was perfect last 2 were horid. Nothing has changed. Theres one cm difference in the stem line and 1cm difference in the top section. I'll do some more measurements and adjust as even as possible. And try again. Its a pretty fresh wing.

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if you yaw with the glider there can be more than one reason. Weightshift, possible asymmetric positioning of your hands,.... did you film your hands by chance?

But, two centimeters difference in brake lines is quite noticeable. Try to find out if it's a difference in the main brake line or somewhere more up.
If it's the main breakline (stem line) you can simply readjust. Grab the first loop on both sides and hold them together, put a little tension on the lines by pulling the handles. readjust the knot of the handles if necessary. Make sure the brakes are not too short, check in the next flight before starting manoeuvres.

If the difference is somewhere in the upper lines, watch out for unwanted knots, loops etc. You might want to have the glider checked.

You said the first two tries where good, did someone change the brake setup recently? Maybe the knot on one side wasn't really tight and now has settled...

Anyway, check the brake setup. IMHO 2cm can make a big difference ;- )