Gerlitzen prices more than double

I just found out that the season ticket price for paragliders in Gerlitzen has more than doubled :(

It´s now 386€, that´s more than 200€ more than last year!

There is a "light" version, that costs 186€ but which is hardly good for aerobatics training as you can only use the gondel twice per day.

In comparison, hikers only pay 74€ for the season card.


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I can understand this move only this way: "let's get rid of the single paragliders". Economically it is not reasonable. Nevertheless it is extremely important to NOT BUY FOR THIS PRICE in any case. Otherwise their model will work and investors won't see it in revenue. Estimate that 300 pilots got annual ticket, whis is 55 000eur. This will miss in the cashier unless half of us will get even for 400€. If no change in price please take it as you protest and not buy the ticket otherwise they will keep the price!!!