Is this acro book any good?

I was looking at this but I worry it's out of date. Does anybody have it? Is it still relevant?

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"Better invest in Master Acro"

I bought it as soon as you made it. Now I'm just waiting on new chapters. ;)

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Better invest in Master Acro ;)
No but really...a static book with nice pictures is not really the best way to truly understand and learn acro paragliding. Check it out:

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ill order and let you know.

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Thank you

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I found it was a nice catalogue of manovers, but unfortunately I cannot really recommend it as a self-learning resource for manouvers. I was doing a SIV with one of the Authors while reading it and his explainations nounced or even contradicted some of the books instructions, so it might be a bit dated.

I think it is very difficult to explain acro moves in a 2D book with a series of static images, PAL´s videos or even a brief conversation with an experienced pilot will beat it many times.

However, I don´t regret the purchase. Apart from the manouver descriptions, it goes into some aspects of Aerobatic flying that any newbie should know, and that part of the book is definately worth it.