Beginner serial glider (low B) for easy full stall entry & stable tail slide

I’m a novice pilot shopping for a low end EN B serial glider like Advance Epsilon 9, Ozone Buzz Z6, SkyWalk Tequila 5, Gin Atlas 3 etc... does anyone have experience with low end B serial gliders with easy full stall entry and maintaining stable tail slides without needing to use difficult techniques? I don’t want to purchase a glider only to find it is a bitch to maintain stable tail slides. After a hundred hours of beginner air time (or maybe less), I will attend progressive SIV training and maybe set up a 300 stall challenge. So I want to buy a glider which might have better tail slide stability than others. Thank you for any input! Happy flying :)

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I learned stalls on Buzz Z4, absolutely not the best glider for full stalls. (In videos, it is very different than Buzz Z5 and Z6) After that I tried Up Makalu 4. Makalu 4 is just perfect for stalls. Safe entry, very stable tail slide, easy exit. Besides the glider's handling is very responsive and fun.

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Hello, Epsilon 8 Advance, Super Acro 3 ;-) for exemple

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Thanks for the comments. Yes started flying in 2001 and recently gone back to school for proficiency and re-licensing. Not planning to pursue Acro other than becoming proficient in spirals, wingovers and stalls. Don’t currently own a wing although the website requests I enter a wing which I did.

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What are you currently flying?

I would stay with whatever you have for the SIV and only swap at this stage if you are really having trouble specifically with that wing. Fullstall and tail slide might be somewhat more difficicult, but usually it is doable. I would move on once you get towards deep stall and helico if your current glider shouldn't be suitable for that.

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I haven't stalled those wings. However, I have done about 400 stalls across the Octane 2, Speedster 2, Icaro Xenus, Swift 4, AirG Sophie, and a few others.

The real standout wing to me was the u-turn emotion 3. Man that wing stalls nicely. It drops into stall well, it tail slides without floppy sides, and the shoot forward is mild and safe. It also does wingovers and SATs nicely. It is not very easy to heli, which is my current obstacle so it's not a fit for my current spot in the progression but I wish I had my own a few years ago.

Pal Takats seems to thing the Rush 4/5 are great choices in the EN B range.

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I've stalled the Buzz Z5 and the BGD epic quite a few times each. The Buzz does have a nicer, more stable tailslide, but the exit is trickier because you have to open it up a little bit before you let it go to prevent cravats. The epic has a smaller window for tail slide, but the exit is simple and I've never had it cravat, despite making all of the beginner mistakes. Overall, if your going to choose something to learn maneuvers on, I'd go with the epic. Heli is easier for sure.