Acro event in Iceland

We are few who are flying freestyle in Iceland and we are working hard for making acro easier to do here. Now we have our own tow winch and access to one other winch. We do now have a boat for towing over a lake, see here

Our dream is to make acro more popular among other pilots in Iceland so would you people be interested in acro festivals in Iceland?
We can make it happen but we need more acro pilots to show up.
Hope to hear what you think.

Best regards Björn

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you son of a bitch, i'm in!

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Iceland has a stunning landscape! So I guess most (acro) pilots would not go there to fly winch (only). They would go there to fly (acro) in the westfjords f.e., or in Landmannaglaugar ;) But I know weather/wind conditions are tricky in Iceland. Anyway, what I remember there are places where acro (above grassland) should be possible (even in the south near Reykjavik). Find a spot (where you can get at least 500m), post videos, show that there is a season when this spot is working (at least some days a month), and some acro pilots are going to come, fore sure. Good luck!!