New prices Lake Garda

No week tickets, no day tickets. Ascent 11€, descent (if necessary) 20€.

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10eu per ride if you book online ( or 12eu if you buy at the
counter. You book for a certain 30min window (eg. 13:30-14:00) and are
allowed to enter 10min before that designated time or after it if the
timeslot you booked is already full.

Tourist bus is still running but its normally easier to call a taxi which
costs 3eu per person (bus costs 2.40 and is often full in main season). 10eu
to go down again if conditions are unflyable.

Landing bar is open, saftey boat on water and the beer is always cold


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Has this changed in Lake Garda? Is there week tickets still?

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Adios Lago di Garda (at least for this year)...

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Yes really, The tourist bus does not run either. There is only one paraglider gondola per hour and it always leaves 5 minutes before arriving by nomal bus.

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No way, really?