Rush 4 vs Rush 5 freestyle wings

What do you think about Rush 4 and Rush 5 used like freestyle wings ?
What are the differences ? We know the rush 4 Is a nice freestyle wing, Just see what Pal Takats do with this Wing. Is the same for the Rush 5 ?

Thanks !


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Thanks ReOuJneD ! I really would to try doing helicopters, Misty and similar things. I know, maybe it's Better an Easy acro glider but what i want Is a Wing to do some cross and also to try the First acro maneuvers. Then, in few years probably buy and Easy acro glider.
Thank you so much for your answer, i Will Remember your advices.


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Hey Davide,

I'm sure you can use both of this wings for freestyle flying. But it depends what you mean with freestyle. If you only want to do so some high wingovers and have a agile glider or if you really want to do helicopters and similar things. If you want to do later I think you are better off to buy an easy acro glider like a blackout or emilie for that. Because when you train such stuff you should anyway sit in your acro harness with two reserves. And if you are buying a big size acro glider you can thermaling with it as well if the conditions are right.
I think it's better to have a proper easy acro wing with the right equipment to train that stuff and a cheap high en-b or even c glider to go thermaling rather than search for a glider that can to everything.
When learning/doing acro it's all about safety please keep that in mind when buying your gear.