Any video on installation of reserves on acro 4 harness ?

Please can anyone share the video or a link to the video showing this installation process. Thanks in advance!

I have a steerable(Beamer 3) and a non-steerable reserves. After reading acro 4 manual and Beamer 3 manuals, I am able to install non-steerable reserve, however there is confusion in installing steerable reserve. If you have come across any video showing this installation process, please consider sharing the link.

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I had done in same style. Good to know it is right. Thanks for sharing picture.

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I put my steerable reserve's risers on the right side of each mallion. And made sure the non steerable bridles were routed under the risers.

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Thanks Dylan. I did installation using manuals of acro4 and Beamer 3. I did see Raul's video but this does not talk about steerable reserve.

I felt it would have been even better if acro 4 manual show pictures of how the connection(installations) would look like if one of the two reserves is a steerable( as against both non-steerable, as is currently shown).

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Here is a good one on packing an Acro 3 by Raul Rodriguez.

I have a Charly Diamondcross ST in my Acro 4. The Charly manual helped me install the reserve without twisted risers. The Acro 4 manual is pretty easy to follow as well. Route the steerable bridles and the non steerable bridles the right way so they are not overlapping incorrectly.