UP Misty

Fellow Pilots,

Please share any information on the new glider from UP Misti.
It's advertised as having soft brake pressure, this is something I'm looking for when I'm going to replace my Blackout.


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BlueSkies's picture

Feels like it has more energy than Kooky which was my recent wing.

BlueSkies's picture

Softer than Blackout, harder than Kooky. And good authority also when loaded (compared to blackout which gets incredibly heavy when shooting). I like it, albeit I only have two training days on it.

Martini's picture

Morpheus NG has much softer brakes compared to the Blackout. Softer doesn´t mean better...

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I have a Blackout+ 21 and Freestyle 3 22. I flew the Misti 20, and it has soft brakes like my FS3. Definitely softer than the Blackout.

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if you looking for soft brakes, check out the kooky if you can. difference is huge

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I would be curious to know about the UP misti Brake pressure compared to the emilie peace 2.