INSTA360 mount for acro paragliding

Dear all

I bought an INSTA360 camera
and an adapter to GoPro mount
tried to put in on my helmet (as the GoPro before)

quite heavy, quite tall ... I am not so convinced

also, if the camera gets into the lines, not so sure that this will be very positive...

I see many videos with 360 cameras

any suggestions about how to mount an Insta360 would be very welcome ...


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Hi, I would recomend attaching a appopriate mount to a hardshell knee-guard. Gives you plenty possibilities for choosing camera angles, while not being in the way, and having less snag-risk.

Another possibility is to sit on a monopod of to the side, also cool angle, but I tore a glider almost in half when getting gift wrapped due to the monopod. So i feel safer having it on the knee.