Paramotor acro

I'm super interested in using a paramotor to get the altitude I need to practice. It looks like some folk here are doing a mixture of manoeuvres using paramotors, some using acro wings like the peace, not traditional motoring wings. What's folks experience with using a motor and what advice would you give to someone looking to use a motor as a way to get high? Interested in kit choice, manouevres, contacts! Love to hear your thoughts

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I have a 130cc machine it climbs really slow but good for cross country and uses not much petrol. I also have a moster185 it climbs very fast, heavier and thirsty on petrol.
I would recommend the powerful unit to climb

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I use a ppg. Its great for wingovers, sats, rhymic sat. Personally i would not try heli. It gets riser twists easily and it very hard to get out of.
But i can practise anytime

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Having done motor acro for several years, its great to gain altitude..However all tricks get more dynamic and of course the "feel" is different than that of free flight. I would suggest going a size larger if you are learning and be aware that riser twist is a very real danger if you are practicing heli and the like. I primarily do acro on motor "infinite, heli, cowboy, other connections etc"...I use a Fly Products Frame and the Emilie Peace II. Be safe out there and stay high :)