Speed riding skydiving parachute

I finally got myself a skydiving rig can anyone give me advice on using my canopy for speed flying or strong wind days with a paragliding harness.
The canopy is a 150ft (14m)

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just another update for people looking to do this,
I now have a spare parachute canopy due to up size.
I removed the slider and fitted the canopy to a old set of paragliding risers.
I have been speed riding with a standard paragliding harness and find weight shift is fine. not to aggressive.
the pullys on the risers need to be extended and i zip tied the unused risers together (4 line risers) to make it neater.
Ground handling is fine for reverse launch and kiting above your head facing forward.
Forward launch with little or no wind is not so nice with the canopy slow to inflate.
I cannot fly in high wind like a speed wing or hybrid.
I have not used the speed bar yet but think it could be used for steeper hills. like pulling the A risers for a swop
Good luck, safe flying

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I had a go during some strong wind days and found that the canopy is easy to inflate and ground handle.
For use with my paragliding harness i would fit rock climbing slings to save me adjusting the brakes and easy connection to the 3 rings.
I removed the Pilot chute but left the slider on and collapsed.
The canopy would not penetrate very well in the high winds and glide ratio was very bad.
I think this could work for larger steeper hills than i have available
Thanks for all your comments and good luck if you plan on doing this

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You should also remove the dragchute! But I'm not sure a proper skydiving rig is the best for speedriding... a proper speedriding wing is pretty cheap compared to a skydiving rig, and I'm sure you don't want to kill your skydiving canopy with kiting it on the ground. Just my toughts...

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Still looking for tips ???

with paragliding harness you will need to adjust the brake lengths to match the different attachment points.

remove the slider if fitted