free style glider for a little girl ptv 55kg, naked 42kg


I need help and advices to continue my progression with a free-style glider.
I am 1.50 m and my weight is 42kg, I practise sat, wing-over, fullstall and I work for helico with a Hook2, 21m2.
I have tried FreeWay 19;5 but I find that it is a quite too big glider for me, anyway it is a very safe glider, I really hesitate because I had good sensation with it.

What about minus glider like Apus ou Susi or Awak for freestyle ?

What about Icaro Wildcat 18 ?

May you suggest me others safe freestyle or accro gliders corresponding to my weight and my level.

Many thanks in advance,

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Many thanks Ste for your very precise message.
I will try Apus 17 very soon.
Maybe I will try Zeta 21 but I think it is too big for me ...
Have great pleasure in the sky

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Hi Delphine,

I had the same problem one year ago :) My naked weight is 52kg, I had a Sky Atis Freestyle 21 and was flying the same maneuvers as you do now, but I then found it pretty annoying to practise deep stalls with this glider because of the long brake travel and the unprecise feedback. I then switched to an Emilie 19 (2011 model) - I was very nervous before the first full stall, but to my surprise, it felt _much_ better than with the Atis - much more precise and controlled, and I didn't have any problems with the increased dynamics (not even frontal collapses ;)). After about 25 flights, I tried a 17 (2011 model, too) and it even felt better than the 19, still not too dynamic, but more fun to fly.

After 70+ hours of flying (Iquique ;)) with the 17 without any trouble, I recently switched to an Emilie Wild13 17 because the old one became somehow "flabby" and hard to launch. Now this one feels _much_ more dynamic than the 2011 model (never tried a '12), and I am now just repeating the basics with it, but it already feels very good.

But I have to say that I always practise above a lake; if I had to fly over ground, I think I would still fly the 19. And in addition, flying the 19 first sure helped me a lot! I am not sure whether I would have been able to switch to the 17 directly without any incidents, and of course, I just would have been too afraid of it I guess. And I - my personal opinion - would not recommend you to switch to a small Wild13 directly, because to me it really is more demanding to fly than the '11 model.

Anyway, since I weigh 10kg more than you, I think 20 is too big for you... But I am no expert, I can only say what worked for me. I would suggest to try an Emilie '11 or '12 in 17 or 18 (or 19, depending on where you fly), or maybe a Buzzard 17 (never tried it, but heard that it is also not that aggressive). Maybe you find an used one in the market, to do your first steps; if you then feel confident, you can switch to a smaller or more dynamic one.

Regarding Susi: No! :) This glider is very pitch stable and has long brake travel, it is absolutely not suited for acro. I don't know much about the Apus, but it still is a "normal" glider, just small - since you are practising helico, I would go for a real acro glider, it's just way more precise.

Cheers, Ste

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Many thanks for your answer.
I am in contact with Marc, Icaro france, He will contact you soon for me about Nikita. Because I think that I am not ready mentaly and technically to fly a pure accro wing. Actually, I Have a Nivuik Hook2, 21 !!!.

WildCat 18 exists but it is not a freestyle glider Marc said to me this morning. It seems difficult in Sat said conceptor's wife.
Thanks a lot for your a mail, I think about all the informations I have,
Have a nice day,

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Hi :)

I am sorry but the WildCat TE 18 does not exists I think, you may misunderstood with projected area of the XS WildCat wich is 18,5

For your weight and level you should really think about a freestyle glider in 20 sqm or an acro glider in 20sqm also may be good. If you want to try a NIKITA3-19,5 in France just send me an e-mail : and I may be able to help you.


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I am seriously regarding for Icaro WildCat TE 18 to have a safe and fun glider. Have you a comment ?
Many thanks for thriller 16, I will see that.

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What about a Thriller 16 ??