Organya accident

Hi, a friend of mine was in Organya last week and told me about a fatal accident (on Friday 23 I think). Does anybody have more info to share? It seems that the victim was a french pilot, of very good level (infinity), flying a thriller. I understood he couldn't control a massive collapse and fell into his wing. What happened exactly, I don't know. My friend told me the conditions in the air suddenly changed because of a big Congestus and went very very ugly.

Please share any info about this accident, I think we all need to know what happened and how, as Organya is the most popular destination to practice acro and more and more pilots fly there without knowledge of how bad the conditions can get.

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I'm surprised of this contradictory information... Anybody else have heard of an accident around 23rd of august?
Anyway, as cool a place might be, always check the weather guys.

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There have NOT been any fatal incidents in Organya since an XC pilot sadly lost control of an Icepeak 6 back in April this year.

In fact, of the 14 rescue deployments that I have seen over this season, there have only been two injuries requiring hospital, one broken leg and one spinal fracture from a top landing attempt.

Yes, Organya has larger risks than say, lake flying - important to realise that its not the best place to make a start in acro, or learn new maneuvers fast...but its a fantastic place to perfect your flying!