could DHV 1-2 doing acro maneuver ??

i wanna learn or doing acrobatic with my gear .
my glider is chili 3 S Skyawalk DHV 1-2 or EN B
my harness is woodyvalley voyager plus M
my passion in paragliding is acrobatic .. maybe little acro maneuver like wing over ,full stall, spin , and back fly i did with my gear .
what do you think , if i do acro maneuver with my gear more than that ?? like helicon , mc twist or etc.

please give me a warning , if what i did it's totally wrong .

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Do you mean that Octane 25 will not be as dynamic as, let say, xc wings(DHV1-2; DHV2) ? My understanding was that freestylers are pretty close to any DHV1-2/2 wings, just the load is different and the dynamic behaviour of course.

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This kind of wing is also a very good choice. But remember. It will not be more dynamic than other 25m2 gliders. But it is super in helico. :)

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Thanks for the feedback.
Speaking to one of the Acro mentors in South Africa I have since sold my swing sensis DHV 1/2 and bought the Ozone freestyle wing the Octane 2, size 25! Should have it in the the 2 weeks or so.
The reason being is that I was on the light side of the sensis wing and as per poiroo's comments DHV 1/2 can work fine but you need to be very heavy in it or even fly a size smaller. So the recommendation to me was to downsize or go directly for a freestyle wing which is more suited to my needs yet still appropriate for my current experience level. It was an easy choice :)

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Hey dude, its possible to do nearly all Acromaneuvers (Would not recommend Tumbling, etc...) on a EN B wing. It's the safest way! What you should do: Take a second reserve with you! You can mount it in a frontcontainer on your harness. The best solution is a Acroharness.

To start to learn, go to an experienced Pilot and ask him for help. Also SIV Coureses are very helpfull at the beginning! Start to learn in a safe environment like in high altitude or over a lake with rescueboat and lifewest!

All the best, Simon

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Ive faced the same issue couple months ago. So Ive talked to experienced pilot Ondrej Prochazka. ANd my understanding is: For entrance of acro, ENB size smaller is fine, since you will start with basic tricks anyway (SATs, nice high WO, Deep, "Heli"..)To nailed those tricks and be superconfident you dont need an acro glider. When you get a confidence (can do very high WO, no collapses, hold deep for several sec. and both sides heli anytime) than your step up to acro will be smooth and not so scary. Again this is just my understanding. I had Sky Anakis2 M for flight weight 108kg, also voyager (but after several twists I got SupAir Acro3 and feel much much better now, with almost no twist so far)now I got older Axis Vega2 S, but did not tried yet. If you will interested in, I can share my feelings after some test flights.
One more comment: The reason I also decided to go this "safer"way is my experience from SIV where also was a begginer acro pilot with new Thriller22 and after few flights he was so frightened that has doubt about doing acro in future.

Good luck

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Heli - yes
Dyn. SAT - Probably
Tumble - Hmm prefer not
MC.Twist - Difficult due to very high brake pressure in spinn
Superstall (dyn. full stall) - Difficult due to very high brake pressure in stall but probably possible.
And so on...

All this change if you go down one size on the same glider.

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Hi, any feedback on this post. I have a similar class wing - swing sensis - and would like to get into acro. According the the "10 tips for aspiring acro pilots" posted on this forum it it advised to start with bigger wings as ours however then they advise that the wing must be able to handle to moves. So, with disregard to skill, I would also like to know what moves my wing can handle to know what I can attempt as my skill develop.
The official swing sensis video do show someone doing a heli, so that is good news :)