helico with f gravity 1

Hello everybody....I have a very simple question about my glider F Gravity 1 size 22 ( my weight in flight is 90kg)
Is a easy glider to learn helico ( stall..deep stall..ecc) or is not????
If not..wich glider can be easier??
thanks a lot for answer...

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Thanks A lot Sly..for answer me!! I know helico is difficult.....but I was afraid the fg1 was not the ideal glider to learn it...also because is "old" project.....and probably modern glider are easier ( dont mean competition glider). Now I know..is just training.....
thanks again....

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FG1 is a helico machine.
Ozone Octane has very gentle shoot and and not as fast while spinning, but when lock heli in with FG1 it will go many rotations without corrections.
Freestyle 2 is somewhere between the two when it comes to aggressiveness.
But no matter which gilder you are on, Helico is not easy to learn.