d-bag from ultralight, microlight or trike

Does anybody have any experience d-bagging from an ultralight, microlight or trike? I would like to discuss the process and options with someone who has done quite a few jumps.

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Hello Gloei.

Did you posted videos and pictures somewhere else ?

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On the way up, I laid on my dbag. I laid my attached dbag on the rear passenger seat and laid on top and over it to balance the load.
We did a couple of fast taxies up and down run away to test the balance and stability before we took off.

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Hi Ethan.

I have done a couple yesterday. Had to figure it out along the way but it work out nicely.
I attached the dbag to the passenger seat (rear) with slings long enough that the bottom om the bag clear the strats when hanging from the side. This way your wing will not snag on exit.
I laid in my dbag on the way up. When reaching altitude (1000m AGL) prop was cut and I stood with one foot on strat and one next to pilot. Facing the prop.
I then slid the dbag down between my legs with toggles in hand. With it hanging clear on the strat I made sure all lines are clear. I then jumped backward (towards front of trike) falling clear of trike and dbag.
I will post some pics and maybe the video.

Hope this help

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check balance of the trike with pilot and without after exit. Some of the trikes have different hangpoints for tandem and solo flight - check it on the groung before you take off.