Acro/SIV course Annecy, Lake Garda or Gerlitzen?

I need to go training do get ready for the summers competitions.
Was thinking of going to annecy for acro/siv course or lake garda or gerlitzen.
Period I can go is between 20may-5june.

Does anybody know if there are courses or who to contact?

Emailed Flyeo in Annecy, but somehow they dont really answer and also want to look after other possibilties.


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I have been to Annecy and Lake Garda yet for SIV / Acro Courses.
The best height is definetly at Lake Garda. I think that at Annecy the height is too low for proper training with some repetitive maneuvers, especially dynamic ones. You will have to stop after 1 or 2 connections without good thermals.

Since i am german i can provide you with german connections for the Courses ;)
Lake Garda: or
Annecy: Cant really recommend there something.