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About packing the glider in strong wind. I grab the middle cells and walk up to the wind then sit down with the wind in my back and collecting all the cells, then I put a strap around the pack of cells and start folding up the rest like a normal cell packing. If the wind is so strong that the pack of cells blows away you can put your harness on top of it.

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Stuff sack.
Once you have used it you will never go back to packing your glider away.

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It feels great to manage time during weekdays, practice paragliding and go to work. It is around two weeks to rainy season and I am only doing ground handling/ kiting with my glider. The wind is strong and balancing the glider is a challenging task. Still I am not able to balance my glider over a minute !!!
In strong winds, I am finding it difficult to repack my glider in orderly manner. (especially when I am practicing alone).
Is there a way to repack glider (after flying) in orderly manner in strong winds or should I randomly fold it and repack it(this surely would damage my glider, I believe!!) ?