Asymetric Sat Colapse?

Hi guys,

I was viewing my GoPro Stuff from yesterday and made a Screenshot of a Asymetric Sat.
I think the leading edge and the lines without pressure on the lower 1/3 of the wing look pretty scary / shortly prior colapse.
Since i dont have that much experience i wanted to ask for your opinions about it.


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Hi Kalman/Carsten and all,
I spent quite some time this year training asymmetric SATs. At one of my attempts at getting higher (by pulling later), I had a deflation on the lower side (outside). I just uploaded a video. Any comments you might have would be appreciated! I'm still not sure what was the problem...
Thanks and best regards,

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Hi Stefan,

I would say you need a bit more energy for the "tumble" than for a high loop. Thats because you can make the loop save by braking hard at the top. You cant do that in a "tumble". But thats only my thoughts, and i am not a pro :(
I am working on the Tumble out of a spiral. But i always get afraid at the lowest point because of the speed and g-force just before pulling the tumble. Its more like a loop then, since i dont pull hard enough :(
Maybe in the next run? :D


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Hi Kalman,
thanks for your comments!
So your wing loading is a bit higher than mine...
Let me ask you a follow-on question... Would you say that the energy you need for an AsySAT is about the same as the energy you need for a loop (comparing a high AsySAT to a high loop)?
I found that (for me) the safest way to do a loop is by getting energy through a spiral, then go directly into the loop (with extreme weight shifting) or do one round of Asy360 and then into the loop.
I'm wondering if this approach will work for AsySAT as well...
Best regards,

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Oh and i forgot: I you want to get high, you have to pull to the oppposite side of your wingover. Just as if you would continue with wingovers, just pull harder :P

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Hi Stefan,
I got an Octane 2 25 with TOW 110kg.
I can only advice to start with dynamic sats, so pull the sat before the lowest point during the wingover.
When you are confident with that you can start pulling later and later step by step.
Caution: the later you pull, the more speed you need!
And always keep the brake at the same point after pulling. Later when you are confident you can try to play with the brake like in rythmic sat. (my arm is not strong enough for that) ^^

Have fun!

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Hi Kalman,
great picture... Awesome!
I'm flying an Octane 2 as well and would like to start training higher AsySATs. It would be great if you could share some comments reg. how you learned these AsySATs on the Octane 2... Also, what is your take-off weight and which size of the Octane 2 are you flying?
Those AsySATs you are doing seem to be really high... So I guess are entering the SAT late, after climbing quite a bit?
Thanks for your comments and best regards,

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Thanks Jarek,
I had the chance to fly again this week and try the asySat.

I really think this is as high as i can get with my current technique.
I started with 3 Wingovers, loop right, loop left and a very late right sat entry.

When i really want to try the Tumble i guess i would have to enter from a left spiral into right sat. But i didnt try this yet. Was always afraid at the lowest point because of the speed. The maneuver ended in a right loop then, with bad timing :(

I should focus more on Heli to get ready for an Emilie :)

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I have the same wing right now (before had 4 Nikitas). The wing is school acro wing and dont have much preasure on wing tips. To get right high asy.sat you need to have well timed asy.spiral with a lot of speed. Finally a little before lowest point under your glider pull the sat it will still be high and the wing will be full opened. The octane is really nice safe glider but remember that without speed in dynamic manouvers such as tumbling can be dangerous as hell especially with less takeoff weight. Depends on pilots skill.