Seller/Buyer responsibility vs Scamming threats on the market

Dear justacro-Community!

I successfully buy and sell goods here since years and I would appreciate your opinion.

Lately I sold a harness to a czech pilot on the market. The harness was brand new, payed by the buyer via bank transfer and we agreed that I will ship the harness to a friend of the buyer which lives in the same country as I do (due to tax and shipping price reasons).

So after I sent the harness, there was no notice of receiving it. The buyer got in touch with his friend which told him that the Name and Address provided to me was totally wrong (At least the name matters, address mistakes are corrected by the system). After getting in touch, the post service ensured that all undeliverable packages are beeing returned to the sender, if not returned, the parcel has been successfully shipped.

After a new contact with the post office, delivery for the parcel was approved.

So my problem: The friend of the buyer claims he/she never received the parcel. The buyer thinks I'm a scammer and keeps threatening me - I tell him the same story as above. My responsibility ended when handing over the parcel to the post service and approving the shipment.

It's a pretty shitty situation and I will give another try if a signature or any personal proof of delivery can be found. I have the fear that the delivery guy gave the parcel to a neighbour or just dropped it at the door and there it got lost.

Thanks for any opinion on how to solve that matter guys... And btw, thx Pal for that platform here!

Regards, Luke

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A friend of mine ended up in the same situation, but from the other side. He bought a wing (a buzz z4) but it never arrived. He didn't threaten the seller, he got the shipment proof so that's part of the (his) risk.
He ended up buying a different wing (buzz z5) a few months later. Big surprise: When the shipment of the Z5 arrived, the Z4 also arrived

So 2 things here (my opinion):
- shipment is buyers risk unless you mentioned it would be a tracked, secured shipment
- don't give up hope, it might still arrive

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Hi Luke,

Sorry to hear about this problem. Do you by any chance shipped with a tracking number?
I once made the mistake of not sending something as a package (inkl. tracking) but as a brief (no tracking) and the parcel was lost for months! And you cannot do anything about it.

So I would always recommend to use a postal service with a traceable delivery, instead of saving a few euros with a cheaper option.

Hope this case will get sorted out, good luck!