Suggestions to improve this Website

I´m actually recycling a topic I started because there is no way to delete it, so to not waste a valuable slot on this website with irrelevant stuff I prefer much rather to use this opportunity to address some points that are bothering me for a while.
I know everybody is busy and this Website is actually secular to our sport but on the other hand I´m really thankful for everything this website has given me: Countless information about equipment, technique and history through the discussions and videos, and it also has given me consolation in hard times when I was not able to fly, so it´s a shame the state this site has been for years.

Hardly any updates, poor rating system, poor search option, no option to delete topics and commentary, poor layout, outdated design, poor interaction, not possible to comment on market offers, no option to report, block or highlight a user... I don´t want to be a dick, I just got the feeling that the site got left behind and that there is a lot that can be improved.
Maybe the golden age of this website is over or people just don´t have time and patience and money anymore to care or improve this page.

Anyway I would like hear your opinion and suggestions for improvements. Also if you know someone who has time to care for this page out of passion for our sport, because nowadays nobody wants to bend a finger without getting payed.

I´m sorry if I´m ranting, it was not my intention to be mean or ignorant. My intention was to maybe start a movement and bring this website back to live to be more attractive for us and for new people that are interested into our sport.

It´s also possible that all this is in vain and that I wasted this slot anyway.

Best regards!