Way to prevent collapse (asym. fullstall exit)

Hi all,

today I messed up with a fullstall exit (came out pretty asymmetrically), which ended in the glider spinning followed by a collapse. I recovered with another fullstall, which worked well, but I'm wondering if I could have done something (once the glider was spinning) to prevent the collapse in the first place? Do you think stopping with both brakes when the glider was in front would have helped here?

A video of the whole thing can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=an5CEmztcZg

Any opinions much appreciated

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Gee this one is very interesting & it's a shame nobody got back to you with an answer. This is just my interpretation a totally non expert opinion. In the video I can't see your brakes.
But still during slow release it looked like you kept putting brakes back on, off on off on, when u did let it go eventually for the final release, I believe you had one brake still on, so you never did let it fly at any point. In doing so the glider never regained full pressure back it needed a reset.