Gliders for Paramotor Acro

Just curious if anyone has any personal experience to share on gliders that are a good choice for Paramotor stalls, Negative spins, and heli's. Looking to move in this direction soon and want to stsart looking for my next glider choice. I fly a 22m hadron and I know thats not a good glider choice for stalls and spins. I will be looking for an entry level or softer glider choice. Any ideas will help. Thanks.

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Yarich is right. You can not start learning maneuvers with a paramotor!! You are very likely to get into serious trouble....Become a solid acro pilot without an engine first! And even then, the risk is exponentially higher!
Take care and good luck

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Paramotor acro has almost no tolerance for always train without first and never try new things with it. If you are not aiming for infinity, freestylers might be better choice, but i flew only acro wings with paramotor. F-gravity looks not so bad for acro with paramotor. I flew emilie wild 22 and balckout+ 21 with paramotor. There is not much that difference regarding safety, but blackout spins better and easier in heli... stalls are about the same, blackout shoots and roll a bit more.