How far can I progress with my low-B glider?

I'm learning on my low-B cross country glider and trying to get as far as possible before stepping up to a freestyle or entry level acro wing. I'm getting better at helicos right now and would like to start with misty/mactwist and heli connections in the not too distant future. I was pleasantly surprised to learn on Pál's podcast with Gavin that an Ozone Rush is capable of asymmetric SAT, and he seemed to suggest that the only tricks that require a more energetic wing are the rhythmic SAT and infinity (and of course new school tricks). Does that mean it may be possible to learn tumbling on my glider, or will I need to step up before that?

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Depending on the glider, that might work. On my mid EN-B (Niviuk Hook 3), SATs were very difficult (needed double wrap and the outside was almost always deflated) so it was close to impossible to do a asysat on that glider, but I know from other pilots on low EN-Bs (Skywalk Ariba) that it works fine

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What about asymmetric/dynamic sat, assuming that I enter and exit the SAT early to keep plenty of energy and not so high?

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Unless you are comfortable falling into your wing, tumbling is not a good idea on a low-B. All other basic tricks (sat, heli, sat to heli, wingovers, misty, mactwist, (dynamic) full stall, ...) should be possible. On a freestyle wing, it might be easier though (example: no need to wrap for sat)
Keep in mind that even on a freestyle wing, you probably won't be able to do high rhythmic sats and tumblings, you would need an acro wing for that....