Barrel roll vs. looping

Is there any difference between a barrel roll and a looping?

Please explain...

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A positive G roll around the aircraft's longitudinal axis causing it to follow a helical path is a barrel roll, we just call it a loop in paragliding, no idea why, maybe because whoever did it or named it first thought a loop sounded better??? ;-)

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No. There is no difference.
Both are a turn of 360 deg around the roll axis while flying approx towards the horizon. This kind of turn cannot be maintained for a long period of time, as the LE will dive towards the ground eventually and the maneuver will become a spiral - a continuing 360 turn around the roll axis while flying towards the ground (hence, added pitch movement).

I hope my answer helped more than confused :)

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I guess its the speedriding term vs acrobatic term.

while in speedriding you can pull it from trimspeed, in acro you need to build speed up before going all over.
( correct me someone if I am wrong , cause i didn't try speedriding )

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I've always thought that in paragliding, they are two names for the same thing. The cool kids seem to call it a loop. We'll see what the forum has to say.