Rhythmic SAT Advise Requested

I made a video to get a little feedback about Rhythmic SATs from the group here. I'd say the first two in this video represent my current status in the progression. The second two were me changing the timing to try something different and are just an embarrassing mess.

What are you seeing? Why don't my rhythmic SATs build like Theo's do? :)


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acro_guru - 28,188 views, it seems like a lot but it's mostly me. :)

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KrisH - Thank you for the feedback. I'm hoping to get back over the lake next week. I'll update you guys as I progress.

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Your release is very slow and late. You need to let the brake up as quickly as possible (like punching upwards) to allow the glider to shoot - if some brake is applied it will have a more sluggish reaction and will not gain energy. During the rhythmic your body swings above and below the horizon with increasing amplitude. The brake should not be applied until after passing the highest point (12 O'clock), and should be completely released by the time your body crosses the lowest point (6 O'clock). In this way it is almost exactly the opposite of the wingover, where you go hands up at the highest point and apply brake just at or after passing the lowest point.

The amount of turning you get from each pump is dictated by the depth of brake you pull and the glider's airspeed, so the most turning occurs between 3 and 6 o'clock as the glider rapidly picks up speed. The most efficient rhythmic will hold the brake until as close to 6 o'clock as possible, but not a moment later. If you hold later, the glider will start to pickup undesired roll motion like in a looping and it will make it very difficult to correct the rhythmic, producing this wobbly "endless rhythmic" that you are getting.