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I've been working on heli for 2 weeks with my F-Gravity 2 20 at 85kg. Here is the video link of final run I did. https://vimeo.com/77903377

From my point, I have train more on entry and stop holding the risers. It is highly appreciated if you could make some comments on it.

And also I still don't know how to stop oscillating by making corrections(weightshift inner/outside, brake inner/outside).

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Thanks for your advices, Brooke.

Last time I tried, I was not able to do stop outside by right timing which is pretty tricky. Heli really requires big feeling, hours of training. So I'll keep working on, getting used and having fun with it. =)

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Some small corrections in that video, though hard to spot and explain

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Nelson nailed the basic heli correction technique there, though good heli corrections can only come after hundreds and hundreds of helis, its a big feeling thing. But the basics are knowing when the outside half of the wing is shooting in the oscillation and slowing down the outside to stop the oscillation, then letting up to start it turning stable again.

Heli looked good in the video, I would say to try and get your hands a little further away from the risers to feel the wing more and lean back in the harness a little more to feel how the wing is flying

I learnt heli on the FG2 this year and it was very nice and easy to heli, but a funny point sometimes on the inside to keep it turning nicely: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pk77RVRgvQ

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Thanks Nelson for all your kind comments on Justacro.

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Hello carbonvader, i think you released to early the inner brake in the entry, so the negative side slowed down and your body/glider speed didnt match.

The corrections are in the precise moment you feel the positive side is going to shoot faster than your body rotation, then you apply the necesary brake input to stop the positive side from shooting to fast/to far. Sometimes it is necesary to keep constant brake in the positive side to stabilize de helico, it depends in how you entered. It is a very technical maneuver.

Hope it helps!