Spiral landing/3-6 landing

There is no section for the spiral landing in the Tricks section.

This is the most dangerous maneuver in acro paragliding, on my opinion, and I am really nervous about it.

I never really tough about it, because I always told me I would never be at a level where I would need to practice it...but now, I'm doing almost every existing acro maneuver with an acro paraglider, to the point it became boring to practice a few of them with my actual wing. Here is my last video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VC-XsxhhNuA

So, to keep improving, I decided last year to begin training spiral landing.

And I made almost all errors a human being can possibly do trying to perform this maneuver.

I crashed with vertical exits (big ressource and then boum in the planet),

I crashed by exiting back wind with ressource,

I crashed trying to make some stabilo touch,

I crashed because of bad positioning on a field with trees arround.

I crashed into the white and shining snow because I was'nt seeing anything (was'nt seeing the ground such the snow was shinny)

I crashed for many many reasons.

More than that, I never landed on the target. (well once or two but without really knowing I would do it).

Fortunately, I only finished to the hospital once, without serious enjuries, only a big muscle pain in my back. (result of crashing bacj wind with big exit ressource).

And now,

I want to know how to do it properly.

I know I have to do 1 1/2 turn: 3/4 of energy takin, 1/2 of opening, and a 1/4 of dissipation.

But this is easier in theory than in practice, and even more when you have some wind in the equation, or when you have some shinny snow on the ground that makes you blind.

So, in theory and in visualisation, its easy!

I did'nt mention that I already did some good ones, landing on the target, but never one after an other, and never with stabilo touch.

And I really think I need a few tips, as well for the ones that want to begin to practice it.

Don't forget its the most dangerous maneuver in acro paragliding, learning Infinity tumbling is not quite close in terms of dangers.

And its a maneuver that you only need to master to get on the highest steps of the podium in competitions, otherwise, you don't need it and I don't recommand you to try it on a hard ground.

Thanks for the ones who will give me the extra tip I need to make it clean each time.