Mactwist Training


After learning Misty Flip, I started training Mactwist in last days of my Nepal trip. And before building more energy, I want to know exactly what are my mistakes, weak sides and especially duration of brake input.

So, all attempts of mine are compiled in the video below and if you could give any advices, that would be perfect to start training mentally until next trip. =)

F-Gravity 2 20sqm @ 85kgs


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Thanks for advices Théo. Very wiseful words.

After feeling very confident with less energy, I'll try to build more.

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It is actually super good for first tries. The first impulse is good and the release also. Don't see many thing to work on here. You should try to get some more speed though, but the timing was good be carefull of you external brake impulse, try to stay outside of the riser when you brake and not inside this will keep energy on your extern side and make the exit faster and/or connection to heli easier.
Try to stick on what you did on the video and not change your technic now, when you will have enough tries to understand the trick perfectly you will be able to change it a bit to improve the rotation.

Be carefull don't release to high to fast after pulling so hard that's the best way to get some huge twsit. Don't worry about the assym sat start at the end it happenned to all of us while training mctwist.