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The Moto Era

Since more then a year now some are pushing paramotor flying with their acro wings hard and at least since Hernan Pitocco (ARG) did the first Infinit Tumble, we all realized that this new way exists.
Recently we hear a lot from the Malaguitas (ESP) flying non stop with their paramotors; Javi doing huge wingtip touches or pulling the first connections like the Infinit to Helico.

La Fusion

During the last weeks we have seen several pictures of a new acro wing flown by Horacio Llorens and heard Richard Gallon was traveling to Granada, Spain, to visit Raul Rodriguez. We were curious and asked: "Yes, I went to south of Spain to see my friend Raul at his home. We tested two new prototypes and accessories coming out of our new cooperation 'La Fusion'." Richard told us.

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Sonchaux Acro Show 2012 - Friday

Some fresh videos from Villeneuve today, the first day of the Sonchaux Acro Show!
The finals of the Acro Battle will be tomorrow!
Thanks to Olivier for uploading this video clip!

Max Marian - acro pilot from California, USA

A report and interview by Karina Gomez:

Max Marien was born in beautiful San Diego, California in 1988. Living in Southern California, he quickly learned to surf, snowboard and paraglide. He has been paragliding since he was 12 (half of his life) and works at Torrey Pines Gliderport as a flight instructor. He works with students and does tandems for a living. Needless to say, he loves his job.

Infinity fever!

There has been lots going on recently in the acro world! Seems like the acro world is still pretty hot on Tumbling around as much as simply possible! Check this out:

1. Max Marien from the US demolishes the Infinity Tumbling record with 88 extra revolutions! The new record is now 374 turns!

2. Félix Rodriguez foot-launches from Mont Blanc and tumbles 264 times!

3. 18 years old David Tejero from Malaga performs 202 turns with a paramotor!

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