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Pál Takáts joins Ozone

After 6 years flying for U-Turn, Pál Takáts now announced to change to Ozone paragliders!
Ozone writes: "In the very near future we will be announcing a Trickster 2, which is the “easiest” competition acro wing that we have developed so far. Pal will be flying the Trickster 2 along with a full complement of Ozone wings, from the Fazer 2 to the Enzo 2 and everything in between. His PPG flying skills are also on the rise, and we are confident that he has a very bright future in all branches of our sport."

Read more about Pál's personal thoughts about his decision in his blog.

Petition against mandatory transponder for free-flyers in Austria!

Please help and sign this petition! There is a major problem building in Austria. The Ministry of Transportation is about to make transponders to be a mandatory equipment to carry for all aircraft including paragliders and hang-gliders to be visible on radar screens! This would be a huge throwback for the free-flying community and a potential danger that other countries will follow this example! Support the movement against the transponder!

Horacio Llorens switches to Gradient

Horacio Llorens, multiple paragliding aerobatics World Cup Champion and Infinity Tumbling Guinness record holder announces his new sponsorship deal with Gradient - he told us these breaking news in a skype call two days ago. We managed to get hold of him at home in Albacete, Spain as he was making his final preparations for the next Search Project starting today.

Gerlitzen, how a dream place turns into a nightmare

Austria's well know paragliding spot, Gerlitzen has been a center of acro paragliding since the birth of the sport. Due to some recent incidents, the acro community got into focus, and the foreign flying licenses are not accepted anymore, pilot have payed fines. Read on...