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Mathias Roten left us...

I can't find the words...such a great loss...The always-smiling Mathias Roten, world class paraglider pilot left this world on Friday by a speedflying accident. He went out riding alone to Lötschental, not so far from his hometown (Thun) in Switzerland. He flew a small sky-diving parachute with not so good take-off ability - as he said earlier. Nobody knows exactly what happened, because as far as we know there are no witnesses of the accident. He attempted to take-off close to the peak of Hockenhorn at 3000 meter from the top of a cliff, but probably his glider did not inflate properly and he fell down 100 meter from the rock and died immediately...Soon after a rescue helicopter came for him, but they couldn't help anymore.

He was not only one of the best paragliding acro pilots with his unique, agressive style (1st in synchro overall world cup in 2005 with Dominique Steffen), but a very expert cross country pilot as well (1st team in overall world cup in 2004 and 2005 ). Despite these great successes he never took the stress of the competitions, only flew for fun and the results were not really important for him. In 2007 he also mastered Infinity Tumbling and expressed himself in speedflying (he also run the biggest speed-flying site on the web)
He had incredible talent and enthusiastic passion to everything he touched: he was kitesurf and ski instructor, test-pilot, sky-diver, speedrider and probably the best drum player I've ever heared. He stopped paragliding competitions 2 years ago and his attention turned to film-making. At the end of 2007 with some of his friends they released the Play Gravity movie, a masterpiece of extreme sport cinematography created by the ideas of Mathias.

He was truly the artist of life...a great person and friend...

We will miss you so much!!! :-(

Probably some of the last pictures of Mathias, from Chamonix, Outdoor Games.
Watch him in the winner movie of Ride the Planets

Because... Tell us!


Because...” is a new competition based on a simple question: why do you fly?

We know that every single person has a good answer for this and well we are waiting for your ideas at:

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Thanks for sharing your answer with us.

Created by Jorge Atramiz and Herminio Cordido with The Ozone team.

Pál Takáts and Gábor Kézi joined U-Turn


Pál Takáts (picture right side), the most successful acro pilot this season ( Acro World Cup 2007 - solo) and at present placed second in the FAI-Acro worldranking, and Gábor Kézi, ranked 18th in the FAI list, joined the U-Turn acro team. Both pilots employed up to now a glider that was developed by U-Turn Designer Ernst Strobl, but built by another manufacturer. Now the Hungarian pilots want to get the best of the continuosly enhanced original G-FORCE 360.

Marcelo Borzino - fatal accident


Marcelo Borzino, a respected and experienced brazilian acro pilot, also known in the competition scene has died a few days ago while attempting to do Infinity Tumbling. He fell into the wing at about 300 meter above the water. He had no chance to open the rescue parachute, hit the water in free fall and died instantly...

Rest in peace Marcelo!

Please take care...

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Raul leaves the competition arena


Raúl Rodríguez, the most well known and respected ACRO world champion pilot ever, has announced that he is to quit competition flying. Raul has perhaps been the most influential pilot within the sport of paragliding and his contribution to the discipline of acro has been inmeasurable. Raúl, invented most of the extreme acro manouvres used today, such as the “Sat” or the incredible “Infinity Tumbling.” - He is still the current Guiness world record holder for the most consecutive “Infinity Tumbles” completing a perfect 108 tumbles in June 2006.