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American Infinity - interview with Nova Dasalla


Unfortunately we don't hear too much about the american acro scene and happenings. Somehow the big distance also makes it difficult to follow up with the europe-based scene, however there are a bunch of really skilled and talented pilots over there. Nova Dasalla is one of them and as a competition newcomer a few years ago we could get to know this symphatic guy who now managed to perform his nation's first Infinity Tumbling!

Pál: Nova, please tell me a bit about your flying career, when did you start flying and how did you get into the acro scene?

Nova: I have been flying since 2005 and knew right from the beginning that I'd get into acro. I blame the acro part of the movie "Never Ending Thermal" for changing my life! But it wasn't until 2007 that I really got into acro, spending a lot of time and money on training

Antoine Montant performs the first ever "Infinity drop"

Infinity Tumbling to freefall...
Vice World Acro Champion, multiple Speed-Riding Champion and hobby BASE jumper Antoine Montant combines two of his favourite sport arts in a spectacular cutaway drop over the lake of Annecy.

First Infinity Tumbling with a paramotor


Argentinian Hernan Pitocco world class acro pilot on the 17th of Aprilperformed the first ever Infinity Tumbling with a paramotor on , flying his regular SOL Supersonic! Congratulations!

Alex flew away...


Shocking news from Spain: the youngest of the three Rodriguez brothers, Alejandro Rodriguez Fernandez died after an accident close to his hometown Albacete in Spain.

New Infinity World Record


Spanish two times World Cup Champion Horacio Llorens set a new world record of Infinity Tumbling - reports SOL, brasilian paraglider manufacturer.

It is however not yet published how many turns exactly Horacio performed and SOL makes a small game out of it so you need to guess...