Revoluttion 2010 Spanish championship

Spanish championship this year will make the days 6-7 and 8 August at La pobla del segur in Lleida (spain). the page is page is found there but all the necessary information in Spanish, any questions just ask me by email, the competition is SOLO and SYNCHRO. this is the program:


9:00 H Registration Formalization and review of material
10:00 H Pilot Briefing
11:00 H Flight Safety / classification for pilots unranked
1st 12:00 H 1st SOLO round
1st 17:00 H 1st SYNCRO round


Pilots Briefing 8:30 H
9:00 H SOLO 2nd round
15:00 H SYNCRO 2nd round


Pilots Briefing 8:30 H
9:00 H 3rd SOLO round
15:00 H 3rd SYNCRO round

18:00 Awards

Event Description

Open to: Spanish and foreign pilots (7 seats) and Synchro Solo category (6 pairs)
Number of competition days: 3 days
Date of flight-safety classification: August 6, 2010

Max pilots and selection method
Category SOLO: SOLO category 30 in which 7 for foreigners (5 riders maximum waiting list)

Of the 23 seats were reserved for two Spanish pilots for pilots without ranking. Failure to register will be transferred without ranking pilots for pilots ranked

SYNCHRO Category: 6 pairs in category SYNCHRO

Method of Selection: Registration Date / classification round (without ranking IFAIpilots / FAE including SYNCRO)

Unranked riders, must make a manga-security classification before the judge. In the manga the pilots must demonstrate their skills by conducting the OBLIGATORIAS.Ver MANEUVERS paragraph 2.5 (page nine) of the Spanish Regulation

The square of the pilots without ranking will be confirmed after the manga, security classification (after sending invoice by email)

The organization reserves a maximum of 7 seats for foreign pilots, which only scored in the Open Revoluttion 2010 and NOT in the championship of Spain.

The foreign pilots compulsory license must submit to compete FAI

Registration fee is 180 euros for category SOLO and 180 in category SINCRO compete in both categories the pilot pay a single amount of 200 euros
The registration fee includes three days of competition (does not include accommodation or meals)

Shall not be the registration fee for the championship


It is mandatory to send the proof of income together with the current license for all drivers via email to before July 6 for foreign pilots except that the period is extended by a federal issue until July 15