Thermal - acro - thermal - acro - thermal ....

Are there sites in Europe where you can practice acro over water AND then thermal back up to go again?

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Hi all,

Just dropping into this topic.

Krippenstein looks really good to me and I'm curious for anything being organized. Hopefully I'll be able to determine if and when it's possible for me to go on holiday this year and to go out and hit the sky :)

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hi andy, do you how mutch the SIV course cost?

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I'm interested in this meeting, too. The place looks nice and I think maybe it's better than Gerlitzen. At Gerlitzen there are so many pilots that you have to be careful not to hit someone in the air during an acro trick :)
I heard that the SIV course is not possible there, maybe only within the local club's organization.

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I've thought about buying a seson ticket for next summer, can you tell me how much it will cost?
I can't find the price on their homepage.

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you reach the box at ~1900m - lake is at about 400m .... mmmhh .... don't know how i calculated 1800m -> i'll correct this

- normally we are at least 2pilots with 2cars
- if you hike from the landingplace (next to the cablecar) you'll need about 10-15min
- there is no public bus


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Krippenstein looks awesome. 1800 to play with!

Can you tell us what height you can get to the water with?
How easy to get to launch - car/bus/cable?

Jason Andrews

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Yeap, Krippenstein look good for this Acro Jam.

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Andy: Thanks for the pictures and the description!

index.php?m=14&s=17 Krippenstein is now in the Startplace list. Looks like a pretty good place!

Cool: it sounds cool!! What is your idea about this jam? First of all we should wait until next year's competition calendar will be out.
By the way when do you move to Tenerife?


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perfect!thank you waschtl!
I´m not the best one in showing good behaviour but I`ll do my best:P!
cu,alex(looking forward to do some training there and perhaps meet some of you)

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@ blunt: doing acro at gerlitzen is no problem at all. you should go and see the flightschool before though. just to show good behavior, you know ;-)

getting there from munich is no problem either, just go to salzburg and from there further on to villach. from there its just a ... lets say 20 min (not quite sure) ride by bus to "annenheim" => where the school is located.

ps:as you see, i dont have no driverslicense either. lol


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Hi Andrew!
I know that the"süddeutsche gleitschirmschule" is doing SIV at gerlitzen!
is your friend already doing acro?in this case i don`t think he is going to learn really much there;-)

At all:do you ask anyone before doing acro at gerlitzen?or is it no problem to go there and fly on your own?


PS.:is there a possibility to go there by train from munich(no drivinglicence/only 17 :P)

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Pal, Lupus

you might remember the legendary Soft Landing Acro Cup...
So we should do it again.

(it was the first Hungarian acro competition in 2004, over the ground, winch towing )

Last year the idea of an unofficial competition/jam spread out, but I just did not have energy to organizeing it.

In 2007 I'm sure thet I will find time for doing it, dealing with sponsors...

I dream about a Jam; acro pilots form all ower the world practice and party together (evry night).

We should do it at the beginning of the season, for warming up.

Gerlitzen would be a good location, as well Halstatter see.

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Hi Andy!
I've never heard about this place!
Can you please index.php?m=14&i=uj upload this flying site with a short description to the Startplace catalouge (you should login first)? I'm sure there are also other great places for acro in Austria (and all around the World...), but I don't know them...Would be nice if you guys could extend the list with other places where we can fly above water. In the FAQ you can find instructions how to add a new startplace.

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if you want to make an acromeeting in the alps, i think one of the best places for doing acro is the "Krippenstein". big takeoffs for many pilots; about 1800m above the lake "Hallstättersee" for doing may tricks...

- campside on landing place
- hotels no problem
- rescueboat no problem

googlemaps link :,+austria&ie=UTF8&z=12&...

if you are interrested i'll organize something ...


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Organizing a justACRO meeting next year is a great idea! I think it could take place somewhere in the Alps during the summer, maybe between two competitions? Gerlitzen could be a perfect place for that, but I don't think we are going around there next season, just like this year...
Any other ideas?

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yep, waterlandings in the lake are no big problem. happens all the time. lol

i dont think a little (unofficial) competition is going to be a problem, with pal and gabor, maybe xandi meschuh and bern hornböck, the against the grain team. if you find some people who'd be interested, i could maybe organise the "hotel", there's also a campingsite not far away.

but i'd suggest not to come in summer, we wouldnt have enough space, there're just far too many pilots around then.


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As I remember, the season start in May at Gerlitzen. So only after this date. Motorboat is on the lake, and it helps you if you are in trouble!

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That would be really fun. When do you consider the start of the season? April? I will be in Canada in May for my brother's wedding.

Is it possible to hire motor-boats too do you know? I have seen people thrashing about in water waiting for rescue and it doesn't look like much fun...

Jason Andrews

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I don't know about any SIV courses in Gerlitzen, but the place would be a perfect location for SIV. As I know, the local club makes it difficult to organize SIVs there.

I already wanted to suggest a week of gathering at Gerlitzen, or other suitable locations. At the begining of the next season. Hopefully Pál and Gábor will also be there, maybe we could make a small unofficial competition, and flying all day long! :) Anyone interested?

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Hi waschtl,

I have emailed a few pilots that I know and we might come to Austria for some flying next year. One of my friends asked me if anyone in Gerlitzen offers SIV training - do you know? I have done a few SIV courses but I think he's only done one course and wants to be more confident.

I hope that my friends will come and I can meet some more acro pilots next year. Acro is not common in the UK and is frowned upon by many as just "showing-off" and dangerous/crazy. I am keen to learn from like-minded pilots in a safe (as pssible) way!

Hi Cool,
Well, I hope that the weather is better for 2007!

Jason Andrews

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hey jason,

im still not a top acro pilot, but i am from austria and i can tell gerlitzen is a really great place. the "season pass" for the "kanzelbahn" costs 96 euros(special paragliderprices), there are always nice people and pretty good acro pilots around. getting up to the startplace takes not too long and the heightdifference is almost exactly 1400 meters(from start to landing). landingplace is right next to the lake. if the weather is too bad or anything and youre already on the sartplace the ride down with the "kanzelbahn" is for free.

in case you plan to come here sometime send me a mail. maybe we can practise a little together.

best greetings from austria

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This year Gerlitzen had pretty bad weather - local tandem pilots coudn't fly that much they usually do. When I'we been there almost evry afternoon was a big storm.

Nice place, funny acro pilots from all over, good apple strudel "im Hütte".

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Hi Jason!

You are right, Oludeniz is crazy expensive all togather...
You really should visit Gerlitzen. I think it is better place to train because you can make a flight in every hour and depending on the conditions you arrive above the lake between 700-1400m (just by a glide about 7-800 m high). Last year we spent there about 2 mounths all togather and we had a lot of fun. This year I was not there, but as I heard more and more pilots are training acro there, from Austria, Slovenie, Hungary, etc.
From the landing the cable car station is about 10 minutes by walk, but sometimes you can catch the bus of the commercial tandem companies. No way to hitchhike, no one will pick you up, except the pilots. But if you have a driver, you can make 7-8 runs per day. Gerlitzen also has a special microclimate, because it is protected by some high mountains around and we flew many times there in the middle of cold fronts when it was not possible anywhere else.

But I dont know how was the weather this year?

See you!

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I think I know where my next holiday is going to be!

I spent a fortune on transport in Oludeniz so I definately need a cheaper option and this sounds good. If anyone else is interested here's the phot link to the landing field etc...

I guess you can get a lift to the cable car from the landing ok?

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Do you know Gerlitzen?

It not really good for thermalling up again, but you can make 5-8 rounds a day, and the season pass for the cable car cost only 100 euro. Camping is cheap, and you reach the lake at about 800m.

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Hi pilots!
Do you know any good European sites for acro training? I like Oludeniz but to practice acro safely (over the water) there is no real chance to thermal back up and the truck ride takes ages.

I like Annecy for the potential to thermal then fly over the lake to practice then catch another thermal. However I have flown Annecy a lot and want to visit new sites. If you know any mountain/lake spots that are suitable please let me know.