does anyone knows when the new gradient freestyle 2 will arrive?
I heard for April or May and also heard that Gradient worked on it to make the glider as good as the first
one but much more easier for heli and backwards fly.
I've been flying this glider for many years and I really Love this it and I would never change !

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Any news about Freestyle 2 in thermals?

And btw which size you think I could chose? I am 92kg naked :D


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what about any news on the new seven?

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can't wait to change my old freestyle w/ the new one :-))
i can make really nice heli w/ it so with the new one, it will be really easy ^^

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Hey Freestyle hungry pilots :-)

Two weeks ago Ondrej Dupal sent us the new Freestyler for testing.
We flew all maneuvers with it and there is definitely an acro improvement of the glider:

The new Freestyler is better in stall maneuvers. With the new one its possible to make nice flyback with no ears coming in. Nice for entering heli...

It is not shooting that strong than FS#1.

The canopy is feeling very compact during Acro and thermaling.

Some pictures on our homepage

I don not know when gradient is going to produce the glider in serial. But I think some test gliders will be ready soon! Be excited :-)


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any news about new Freestyle?

Thanks, Peterka