26m Thriller 2K11 For freestyle use

Hi everyone
I have a dilemma with wing size. My take-off weight is 118-120kg (naked 95kg). I can do dead spiral, sat, high wing overs, tried loop, and helico up to 5 spins :( B-stalls, Butterfly etc. - not a total beginner (so far was using Advance Omega 5/26)
I consider FForce or Thriller both with size 26
Freeforce 26 (70-125kg) has a flat surface of 29m2 which is more than my Omega 8/29. I know that ratio/surface relation matters, but I don’t want end up with another full size wing like my XC wing.
From other side I need something safe enough to progress and be able to thermal as I fly 80 % in UK hills.
Thriller 26 has a flat surface 26m2 with similar wing load, better trim speed for windy days.
I am not going to try infinity as my ability level is far too low at the moment. My goal is to go down with the size if I gain some progress.
I read many similar posts and did not find answer. I feel that many of you guys could give me some ideas. I will be very grateful for them.

(Janek Grupa 303)

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I to am interested in the same info. I bought a thriller in size 20 with a take off weight of 87kg. The glider was very active but manageable. In strong thermal conditions it was a handful scratching low. I felt a larger size would slow it down a bit but have yet to try it. My flying weight now is 92kg and I was thinking a 24 would do good. Unfortunately where I live you have to buy to try. After flying the 20 I felt it was to much so I tried my friends octane FLX in size 25. The thing was a dog and flew like my XC wing (swing astral 5). I am considering a RR Rolling but I don't want to end up with something like my friends flx. If that's the case I will continue to fly my XC wing to learn acro.